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Never miss your favourite TV shows when you're away from home. Watch and control your home TV from virtually anywhere, at anytime, on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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What is a Slingbox, anyway?

You like your TV. You like your smartphone. You like your laptop and tablet, right?

The Slingbox combines the best of what you love. So now you can watch your TV anywhere — from your laptop or your mobile device. When you see it, you’re going to like it. It’s kind of a miracle. A really small miracle.

SlingPlayer on Laptop

Why would I want a Slingbox?

Watch your TV anywhere.

At home, around town, around the world. With a Slingbox, you can watch and control your TV and all of its programming, live, over the Internet on your PC, Mac®, tablet, smartphone or connected TV. These days there are a lot of confusing ways to watch TV. Only Slingbox gives you full access and control of your living room TV experience in up to sparkling 1080p Full HD. Why pay twice for your favourite programming? Get more out of your TV with Slingbox.

It's easy to connect.

We make it a snap to connect to practically any audio-video (AV) source. You can hook up your Slingbox to thousands of compatible standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) sources, including digital video recorders (DVRs), cable satellite or terrestrial set top boxes.

You're in control.

Watch television exactly as you would at home. With the on-screen remote control and program guide, you can change channels, schedule recordings on your DVR, fast-forward, rewind, pause and play. You’ll never be separated from your favourite TV shows, sports broadcasts, breaking news stories, digital video recordings or video on demand — wherever you are.

How do I hook up my Slingbox?

Connect the Slingbox to your set-top box or DVR with the included cables.
Slingbox Setup Step 1
Connect the Slingbox to your network router.
Slingbox Setup Step 2
Set up your Slingbox at
Slingbox Setup Step 3

Remember, only Slingbox gives you:

  • Live Sports
  • Local Channels
  • Premium Content
  • Shows recorded on your DVR
  • On the Most Devices
  • Anywhere – Inside the Home or Around the World
  • No Monthly Fees
Slingbox 350 and Slingbox PRO-HD

Which Slingbox is right for me?

Slingbox 350

Slingbox 350

The Most Affordable HD Slingbox
  • Sends video in 1080p HD
  • Compact design with integrated IR blaster
  • Watch and control your TV from smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs
Slingbox PRO-HD

Slingbox PRO-HD

Top of the line HD Slingbox
  • Sends video in 1080i HD
  • Connect up to two video sources
  • Built-in DVB-T tuner
  • Watch and control your TV from smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs